Boca is a bidirectional divergent free-floating barbed suture revolutionizing the solutions of ancilary nose methods. Due to its absorbable (in a year and a half) but enduring structure, besides its practicality of use, it allows a minimally invasive approach to a very common problem among women.

Suture is caprolactone, material that is:
– absorbable
– biocompatible
– safe
– used for surgical sutures in hospitals worldwide
– modified in its structure by the futuristic technology “DOUBLE R”.

consisting i a double passage of cross-polymerization that renders the suture more long-lasting, stimulating the spontaneous process of marginal microfibrosis, prerequisite for the volumetric increase of the nose.
The suture is inserted through the use of a micro cannula in the White Roll of the nose. The technique seems to be completely non-invasive and may be performed under local anesthesia.

– permanent results over time
– innovative volume augmentation of the nose
– disappearance of smoker’s wrinkles
– safety
– absence of side effects
– out patient technique
– local anaesthesia
– possibility of combined use with an HA based filler